Geanne Welles

I have always been inspired by lanscape and it's transformations. During my graduation, when I first had the freedom to completely design from my own ideas and inspirations, I found out how much I could draw from landscapes. Ever since landscapes, maps and aerial photography are the starting point for a new design or concept.

I would love to connect with other people that work from or with landscapes; artists, graphic designers, landscape architects and so on. Feel free to contact me!

People that inspire me to follow my path of creating landscapes are Jerry Gretzinger, Bernhard Edmaier, Linda Gass and my mom, who is a landscape architect.

My primary pool of inspiration consists of Googlemaps, GoogleEarth, NASA Earth Observatory, lots and lots of atlasses and road maps and for a short time now I also use Pinterest to search for breathtaking landscapes, land art and map art.

Studio Geanne

In 2010, after graduating as a textile designer, I started Studio Geanne. I found a studio in Creative Hotspot de Besturing, a building that houses around 30 creative entrepeneurs.

Studio Geanne works in the following design fields
I work on self initiated projects, but also love to work on commisions or as a freelancer. Feel free to contact me about the possibilities.

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